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Floral Sculptor Anthony Ward Creates Spaces of Exceptional Beauty


Being With Flowers is a workshop, lecture, and book (in progress) of the same title. As a workshop it is a unique opportunity to study the spiritual art of floral arrangement with the young man for whom Dr. Maya Angelou coined the term "floral sculptor".
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Inspiration Flowers are the manifestation of love itself - like the deep love the Earth feels when clean cool waters run deep inside her and gentle rains fall upon her. It is with this same deep love and all his heart and soul that Anthony does this work.

YouTube Channel Visit Anthony's YouTube channel for video clips.

Photogallery Many photos of Anthony's creations have been recently added to the site, so browse the updated list of photogalleries.

Contact Information

Most of Anthony's work is done in New York or San Francisco, but he is happy to share his work anywhere in the universe. Please contact him at:

Passionflora Floral Art



Dancing With The FLOWERS



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With STS9 at The Bottomline in Nagoya/Japan, August 2007